3pcs KN95 Mask With Breathing Valve, Personal Protection Face Shield, Dust Cleaning Respirator Mask, Windproof, Dustproof, Anti-Saliva, Adult(3 Pcs)

SKU: KJ20003
  • 1.Trim Your Facial Hair Before Wearing Your Mask, When Possible. It Can Get In The Way Of The Mask And Prevent A Tight, Sealed Fit, Which Will Compromise The Effectiveness Of The Mask.
  • 2.Wash Your Hands Well Before Putting On Your Mask. Use Soap And Water And Dry Your Hands Well So You Don't Get The Mask Wet. This Will Prevent You From Accidentally Contaminating Your Mask Before You Put It On.
  • 3.Cup The Mask In One Hand And Place It Over Your Mouth And Nose. Place The Mask In The Palm Of Your Hand So That The Straps Face The Floor. Set It Over Your Nose And Mouth With The Nosepiece Fitting Over The Bridge Of Your Nose. The Bottom Should Go Just Under Your Chin.
  • 4.Mold The Nose Piece Around The Bridge Of Your Nose. Set Your First 2 Fingertips On Either Side Of The Metal Nose Clip At The Top Of Your Mask. Run Your Fingers Down Both Sides Of The Strip, Molding It Along The Bridge Of Your Nose.
  • 5.Protect Your Personal Health