Promise Technology Spring Cushion Running Shoes Athletic Sneakers Pain Relief Footwear

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  • fabric ,leather ,spring device sole
  • With unique shock absorption that no other shoes can. Impact is deadened, your stride is smooth and the sensation is like never before
  • Reducing the pain of plantar faciitis, heel spurs, and arthritis. Reduces impact on joints & muscles by up to 50% ,reduce leg fatigue and back pain.
  • Very effective for sciatica, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, and joint and hip pain. makes walking enjoyable, light and easy. Lose the pain and relax your leg as you walk throughout the day immediate reduction in pain and pressure in your bones, joints, and muscles.
  • Ease the pain in knees while walking and absorption releaving ankle pain.
  • Makes your walking and running more enjoyble and relaxed with outsole rebound force.

--- Description ---

  • Our mechanical running shoes are using the similar principle to suspension system. the outsole use of lightweighted mechanical structure, and use the two spring buffer to control the shoes,and you can manually adjust the walking mode and running mode with switch on the side of sole, which means weight and the requirement to the buffer can be manually adjusted.
  • Except the function is similar to normal running shoes,it also equipped with a high-performance mode, which is Increased rebound of shoes up to 10cm to the ground, once mastered the running skill with rebound force, Break the marathon record would be not be not a problem (with this "cheating" device).
  • So ,come and join us ,let's make our running more easier and healthier !

---How to use---

  • With our new technology on steel shoe lace ,you can totate the circle switch on the upper to fasten the shoe lace,and pull the switch to loose the lace ,it will be done within three seconds ,quick and easy .
  • Open the mode switch on the side of outsole to switchover the running mode and walking mode .(with walking mode the spring device will be locked and stop working)

---Product Size---

35M EU=US4.5=220MM,

36M EU=US5.5=225MM,

37M EU=US6.5=235MM,

38M EU=US7=240MM,

39M EU=US8=250MM,

40M EU=US7=250MM,

41M EU=US8=260MM,

42M EU=US8.5=265MM,

43M EU=US9.5=275MM,

44M EU=US10=280MM

(we highly recommend you to select one size bigger because of the outsole bending a lot,So one size bigger than your normal size will be the most comfortable )